4.8x more product views and 6.5x more adds to cart – gorgeous


natural skin that blossoms

For many women, finding skincare products that help fight problem areas on the face can lead down a trail of endless options when purchasing the right fit. For our 25-30 year old female guests who shop in Target stores and on, we wanted to introduce them to Botanics, a natural skincare brand that strives to make all skin types smoother and brighter without harmful ingredients.

the goal

getting noticed

To drive awareness, consideration and trial of Botanics at Target.

the strategy

an offer she can’t refuse

We executed a three-week banner program of targeted ads showcasing multiple promotional offers. Since this was the first program for Botanics and we wanted to capture existing Botanics users and those new to the brand, we started by casting a wide net with targeting across and Bullseye Marketplace designed to reach women shopping beauty and style categories. Next, we leveraged affinity targeting to reach skincare and natural beauty browsers, aligning with Botanics’ core brand principles. Finally, we used relevant search terms to capture guests actively seeking facial skincare items.


promo amplification

the success

  • 4.8x

    lift in product views for those exposed to media*

  • 6.5x

    lift in adds-to-cart for those exposed to media*

  • 3.1x

    lift in online sales for those exposed to media*

  • 28%

    increase in program CTR than beauty benchmark

*vs non-exposed guests

seeds, planted!

Extending the reach of a promotion using targeted media has proven to be a successful strategy -- and efficient use of marketing spend -- for driving consideration and sales for smaller, niche brands looking to reach new and existing customers. Initial engagement for this program was high, with CTRs exceeding the Beauty benchmarks by nearly 30% and a 5x increase in product views for Botanics. Guests exposed to our media also added Botanics to their carts 6.5x more than those not exposed, driving a 3.1x lift in online sales. Stunning!