cell phone

11% pre-order market share. now we’re talking.


spreading the word

A large wireless provider was launching its newest model. There was plenty of buzz, but electronics is a cluttered category where shiny new things can become yesterday’s news, literally overnight. We needed to make sure that the buzz actually got people to buy the new phone—and guarantee momentum for the rest of the launch.

the goal

dominate the conversation

To capture demand and buzz surrounding the launch of the new mobile device to drive trial.

the strategy

dialing in on our guests

We started by reaching out to guests who had demonstrated interest in the brand. Our initial targeting was broad to capture electronics purchases more generally. Then we narrowed in on people who had bought or browsed handheld devices. We calibrated our channels to speak to guests where they were, using external search and mobile to align with their behaviors. Pre-order and now-available messaging reached guests at just the right moment. Premium placements grabbed attention during the pre-sale phase and then were used to build reach after launch.


product launch

the success

  • 11%

    category market share of online & in-store pre-orders

  • 3x more likely

    to click and view product pages vs. non-exposed guest

  • 475%

    lift in phone contracts during the campaign

  • 3.5x

    lift in guests looking to find this product at a Target store

we had them at hello

Guests who were exposed to our ads were three times more likely to view the product pages. In turn, this helped drive a 3.5 times lift in guests looking for the product in-store, a 475% increase in phone contracts during the campaign, and overall, we rang in a whopping 11% category market share of pre-orders. That’s a Target record!