offer redemption increased by 570% ...that’s better


the perfect pairing

Coca-Cola and Mondelez teamed up to promote their new better-for-you snacking innovations. They approached us looking for a better, fresher campaign that would get everyone talking about their new products, namely Dasani Sparkling & Good Thins

the goal

better-for-you snacks, better-known

To drive awareness and trial of recently-launched Dasani and Good Thins products at Target.

the strategy

how we sparked some-thin good

We created a Cartwheel amplification strategy that spanned a 4-week timeframe. It started with impactful creative, featuring a well-balanced message of inspiration and savings. Next, we leveraged a dual-segmentation approach using our first party data to reach guests who previously bought grocery or had kids in the household, as well those shopping our grocery or health & fitness pages. Since the majority of of our guests shop on their phones, we chose a mobile-focused media strategy to make it easier for them to interact with Cartwheel too.


promo amplification

the success

  • 9M+

    impressions delivered

  • 97%

    Cartwheel redemption rate, 50% higher than the category benchmark

  • 570%

    increase in offer redemptions compared to previous non-amplified Good Thins offers

  • 68%

    increase in offer redemptions compared to previous non-amplified Dasani offers

good things bubbled over

By extending the reach of the promotion and targeting our communication to the right audience, we were able to successfully drive trial of these new better-for-you items. These combined offers hit a 97% redemption rate, exceeding the food/beverage/candy benchmark by an amazing 50%. Even better, Dasani saw a 68% increase in Cartwheel redemptions compared to previous non-amplified offers, with Good Thins seeing a lift of 570% . Good stuff.