23,000 unique guests, over 23,000+ visits—oh, baby


make guests go "ga ga"

Graco was launching its Gilt collection exclusively at Target, but it would only be available in 593 stores. So we needed to reach out and ensure the right guests knew about this collection.

the goal

create the pitter-patter of big sales

To drive awareness and sales of exclusive Graco Gilt collection.

the strategy

cuddling up to the right guests

We first geo-targeted those 593 launch stores, speaking directly to the guests who mattered. But we could do more, so we refined the segments to only the people who were likely to shop baby items. And since these busy guests tend to live, work and play on their phones, we channel-targeted our message to mobile. We also aligned our ads to the available inventory in order to make sure every media dollar was well spent.


product launch

the success

  • Near 1:1

    visit ratio with targeted guests

  • 0.49% CTR, 37%

    higher than CTR benchmark

thousands & thousands of impressions, no waste

By making every impression count, we were able to increase the value of our reach, nearly achieving a 1-to-1 visit ratio. Plus, those highly meaningful visits clocked in at a CTR 37% higher than the benchmark, helping ensure Gilt grew big and strong.

graco the glit™ collection. find it only at target.