750% higher redemption rates—that’s a reason to smile


getting into good schools

When college is starting up and people are stocking up, gum is a bit of an overachiever with moms and students. As a result, a top CPG company was already planning to participate in a Target program that would give out samples of its brand of gum to college students. For extra credit, the company turned to Target Media Network to help incent purchases well beyond the sampling program.

the goal

give them something to chew on

To drive awareness and reach to boost Cartwheel redemption and conversion.

the strategy

making free samples do more

We designed a two-week, multi-channel Cartwheel amplification program to promote an offer during back-to-college time. To make the most of the sampling program, we geo-fenced our ads to areas around participating stores. Our goal was to extend our reach with an audience likely to have been at these sampling events.

Meanwhile, we used contextual, search and interest targeting to connect with back-to-school shoppers. High-impact placements on reached them on pages for school and office supplies, clothing, home and grocery. Brand and category search terms connected placements with guests actively searching for related items. Finally, we used product ads on Facebook to reach this socially savvy audience.


promo amplification

the success

  • 750%

    higher redemption rates than previous non-amplified offers

  • 6x

    more units redeemed compared to previous non-amplified offers

  • 65%

    higher redemption than prior amplification (increased budget)

  • 22%

    lift in store sales with guests exposed to media*

*vs. non-exposed guests

making the honor roll

Let’s just say, if this was a midterm, we passed with flying colors. We drove 750% higher redemption rates than previous unamplified offers and store sales saw a 22.4% lift with guests who were exposed to the media versus those who weren’t. Plus, the results clearly showed how added investment gets results with the redemption rates coming in 65% higher compared to the previous offer amplification with a lower budget.