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building greater relationships with our guests

Meeting someone for first time can be little stressful. That's why we help your brand connect the ideal guests with Target Guest Access. It goes beyond demographics to find the perfect match - identifying who's shopping for what, when, where and how often. We can measure the influence your media has on guests' shopping behaviours, and more importantly, your sales.

better data, for better results

To keep relationships between your brand and our guests strong, Target Guest Access is constantly getting smarter, capturing real data from real guests in real time.

  • know our guests

    Our guests love Target. And we love them right back. We use real data and real buying habits to help them find all the stuff they love. It’s what keeps our guests happy, and it’s just the kind of connection your brand needs to make.

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  • make it personal

    Don’t you love when someone just “gets you”? It’s the same way we feel about delivering messages to our guests. Our ads are highly relevant; they always show up exactly when and where guests need them, making every impression, and every brand, personal.

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  • close the loop

    Our deep guest understanding goes way beyond clicks. We can measure the influence your media has on guests’ shopping behaviour, and more importantly, on your sales. These insights allow us to better optimize your marketing dollars with better insights for better results.

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making better connections

Turns out we can tell you a lot about our guests simply by the way they build their online shopping lists, when they visit the store and which device or app they're using. We’ll leverage these insights to help you better interact with our guests at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way.


283+ MM monthly page views

21+ MM unique monthly visitors

8+ min on desktop devices on site each month


735+ MM monthly page views

43+ MM unique monthly visitors

8+ min on desktop devices on site each month

Source: comScore, Demographic Profile Report, May 2016

great in numbers

Our favorite people in the world are deal-hunting, brand-evangelizing, trendsetting, Facebook-savvy, Snap-chatting envy of retail marketers everywhere—just the kind of guest you’d love to meet. Because we know that when we introduce them to the right brand, at the right time, great things happen.

  • female

  • earn more
    than $60k

  • have

  • 3-4 people in

  • average

  • average

  • Hispanic

  • African


Source: comScore, Demographic Profile Report, May 2016

a passion for Target

Our guests are on the go, go, go! They're on their phones. Or tablet or desktop. Anywhere there's an Internet connection you'll find our guests. They're browsing, using Cartwheel, viewing our YouTube channel, and finding us on their Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest streams and more.

  • 80% love to shop and say they're always shopping in-store and online.
  • 63% make impulse buys.
  • 88% are active on multiple social platforms.
  • 80% share what they find.
  • Source:2013 future of weekly ad research.

a passion for brands

As much as guests love our store, they really get obsessed about discovering savings and value in our aisles and online. And they talk about it too. Guests feature their Target "finds" on social media, expressing brand love and enthusiasm. Target alone gets mentioned over 54,000 times per day-with most sharing a positive experience.

exclusive thrills

Our partnerships can create something of a frenzy. During a limited-edition Victoria Beckham launch, social media went wild. Guest lined up before dawn then bought out the entire collection online and in-store before midmorning.