a 49% lift in store sales—andcustomers who breathe easier


a new resolution season

Around New Year’s, resolutions come thick and fast. It’s no surprise that January is peak time for people trying to quit smoking. But after that, sales of smoking cessation products stay flat for the rest of the year.

GSK, the company behind Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ, wanted to see a change in that. September is another time of transition, when school is starting up and summer is ending. It seemed like the perfect time to message “getting a fresh start.” But since stop-smoking aids represent a big life change, it was going to be crucial to connect with customers on an emotional level.

the goal

inspiring change

To boost sales of GSK’s Nicorette and NicoDerm product lines during a non-peak buying season.

the strategy

finding our quitters

Given the need to introduce the product as well as create a connection, we chose to build out a brand experience for this program. We leveraged placements across and Bullseye Marketplace, featuring a savings message to incent immediate purchase, and activated external search to reach guests actively searching for these items.

And because we know it takes the average person seven tries to successfully quit, we used 1st party targeting of past purchasers of smoking cessation products.


promo amplification

the success

  • 49%

    lift in store sales with guests exposed to media*

  • 3.5%

    lift in product views for guests exposed to media*

  • 1.2%

    lift in adds to cart for guests exposed to media*

*vs. non-exposed guests

a breath of fresh sales

The 49% lift in store sales was spectacular. We proved that even outside of a typical time frame, a strategic approach can still drive consideration and sales—and any time of year is a good time to quit smoking.