office supplies

50% improvement in sales YOY -- outpacing the rest of the market by 4x


a changing industry

The office supplies market landscape is changing, and Target is in a unique position to take advantage. Staples closed more than 170 stores in 2014, with at least 225 more to close by the end of 2016. Additionally, Office Depot/Max will close at least 400 stores by the end of 2016. Given this environment, Target’s stationery merchants looked to Target Media Network to help them capitalize on the opportunity to increase our presence in this space.

the goal

making our mark

To increase awareness of the wide assortment of office supplies available at Target and grow market share within the category.

the strategy

getting down to business

Using a two prong geo-targeted approach, we set out to acquire two different subsets of guests:

supply a go-to destination

Guests who lived near a recently closed office supply store needed a new place to shop, so we wanted to connect with them to provide an alternative location.

offer a stationary alternative

We aimed to educate guests in markets with open supply stores that they have options by letting them know Target is a viable provider of all-things supplies – whether it be for work, home, school, or even just arts & crafts.

With both approaches, we ensured our messaging would be relevant to our guests’ needs during the changing seasons. In Q4, we focused on holiday supplies, while in Q1 we shifted the focus to Tax Season prep.


category initiatives

the success

  • 2.8x growth

    in Q2 Target sales compared to rest of retail

  • 50% improvement in sales

    YOY, outpacing the market by 4x

supplied a promising outlook

While this is an annual program that will continue to evolve, our first quarter of results were very promising. We delivered more than 15 million impressions, with engagement across mobile and search proving especially strong (beating benchmarks in all cases). Target sales in the category grew at double the rate of the industry over the previous quarter, improving by more than 50% over the previous year (4X the rest of the market)!