oh baby—a 11x lift in adds to cart


keep the brand love alive

Target reaches an incredible 25 million moms on digital platforms each month. That's a very grown-up reach of 54% of all moms online! And Pampers is the #1 choice of hospitals, which helps form relationships with new and expectant moms. But how could we keep moms turning to Pampers once baby comes home?

the goal

grow with us

To drive awareness and conversion of Pampers at Target by leveraging the brand’s broad birth-through-potty-training approach.

the strategy

all diapers are not created equal

At different phases of babyhood, kids have different needs and moms have different mindsets. So we targeted creative on a busy mom’s preferred device, her smartphone, to deliver the right message to each of the three diaper-buying groups:

moms likely to have a baby in next year Used affinity and 1st party data to reach mom while she shopped for diaper products, baby toys and other parenting products.

moms with kids under 2 Promoted a subscriptions solution with a "subscribe and save" message that delivered a high SOV.

moms with kids up to 3 Leveraged high-impact media placements across to align with mom’s established kid- and home-related shopping habits.


brand equity

the success

  • 7.7x

    product view lift

  • 11.2x

    add to cart lift

all wrapped up

Our targeted phased strategy was a huge hit. We delivered the right message to the right moms at the right time—moms who were then 7.7 times more likely to view Pampers products online and over 11 times more likely to add them to their carts.