one for all & all for a 22% sales lift


thin support

The household paper category lacked marketing support for its weekly ad promotions. Target Media Network stepped in with a recommendation for an annual offer amplification strategy grounded in digital insights and past learnings.

the goal

power to the promo

To drive incremental sales for weekly ad promos across the household paper division at Target.

the strategy

catch a lift with the right audience

Over the course of a year, we launched multiple targeted amplification programs to support important offers. Offers headlined the ads, while brand copy was minimal. Using 1st party audiences aligned to category purchases and internal search aligned with the promoted brands, we drove all media directly to curated product listing pages to encourage conversion.


promo amplification

the success

  • 22%

    avg. lift in store sales with guests exposed to media*

  • 9%

    avg. lift in online sales with guests exposed to media*

  • 3%

    avg. lift in adds to cart for guests exposed to media

  • 2%

    avg. lift in product views for guests exposed to media

*vs. non-exposed guests

everybody wins

When a category succeeds, all boats rise. By partnering with merchants, we were able to capitalize on existing promotions to drive incremental trips and sales for the entire category, resulting in a 22% average lift in store sales.