pixi by petra

an 111% boost in sales? stunning.


calling all natural beauties

Pixi offers high-end makeup and skin care at a below luxury price, so the beauty brand wanted to reach out to women 25 to 34 who take pride in being on-trend and are willing to spend a little bit more for superior products—in other words, the Target Style guest.

the goal

get glowing

To educate guests on what makes Pixi’s pure, skin-loving products great. Plus, highlight the breadth of the brand’s impressive assortment at Target.

the strategy

a natural fit

First, Target and Pixi created a best-in-class digital brand experience that offered tools, trends and tips perfect for fuss-free beauty buffs. Then, we used 1st party data to identify guests who shared Pixi’s love for style and beauty (and had a history of shopping those categories at Target). Finally, our full-coverage, multichannel approach extended reach with head-turning creative across Bullseye Marketplace and Target.com.


brand equity

the success

  • 42% lift

    in product views

  • 82% higher

    engagement rate vs. benchmark

  • 111% increase

    in online sales during the campaign

  • 37% lift

    in web-influenced store sales

shine on

Thanks to our partnership, the Target Style guest and Pixi became real BFFs. The campaign delivered an 82% higher engagement rate and 42% more product views. And naturally, guests loved what they saw. Web-driven store sales were up by 37%, and online sales increased a brilliant 111%.

pretty with passion. everyone needs a touch of pixi