the perfect brew: 920K unique guests & 34% average sales lift


turning over a new leaf

Unilever was launching a new premium brand of tea: Pure Leaf. While tea is big business at Target, the brand included loose leaf. Loose leaf tea is not typically sold at mass retailers and would be a first for Target. Unilever and Target had everything to gain: the Pure Leaf ready-to-drink line had already performed strongly, so we knew that this new product line presented a huge opportunity.

the goal

steep them in info

To drive awareness, education and trial of Pure Leaf tea at Target.

the strategy

talk over tea

With Unilever’s consumer insights and Target’s proprietary 1st party data, we identified existing and potential hot tea drinkers. Then we curated six mutually exclusive segments to reach just the right guests within the core demographic.

We launched with high ad frequency in early fall—the time when hot tea seems especially appealing. To balance awareness and education goals, we used a dual-channel approach: On-platform media introduced the new items, and off-platform placements on Facebook provided more product information.


product launch

the success

  • 27%

    lift in sales with guests exposed to Target.com media*

  • 41%

    lift in sales with guests exposed to Facebook media*

  • 20M+

    impressions delivered

  • 920K

    unique guests reached

*vs. non-exposed guests

tea for everyone

The meticulous targeting paid off with a 27% lift in sales among guests exposed to the media. Facebook media alone saw a 41% lift. But most excitingly for our team, we saw a strong sales lift across tea buyers who were not previous ready-to-drink Pure Leaf purchasers. This indicated that we successfully attracted new purchasers to the brand.