Purell® Hand Sanitizer Brand

cleaning up with a 132% lift in online sales


a more natural way to launch

Purell Hand Sanitizer was well established in the marketplace. But when it came to launching the new Naturals line, we needed find a way to break through the clutter and get in front of guests with an affinity for natural, organic products.

the goal

make a hands-on connection with guests

To drive sales of new Purell Hand Sanitizer Naturals line at Target.

the strategy

fresh, advanced data breaks through the clutter

Our 1st party data pinpointed guests who were already searching for and interested in natural and organic items. We capitalized on this pre-existing demand using external search, then further broke through the clutter and gained higher visibility using prominent placements on Target.com.


product launch

the success

  • 132% lift

    in online sales

  • 21% higher

    coupon redemption rate than the category benchmark

a hands-down success

By getting our hands on key data, we were able to target the best possible guests for Purell Hand Sanitizer Naturals, lifting sales online and bringing in a higher coupon redemption rate.

purell hand sanitizer made with plant based alcohol & essential oils.