the robots win with a 191% lift in category sales


growing from the ground up

Robotic vacuums were identified as a “must win” home category for Target in the fourth quarter. With that in mind, the merchant team turned to Target Media Network. With the promise that any vendor investment would be matched by the team dollar for dollar, the team went all out to secure as much investment as possible.

the goal

make floor care automatic

To educate guests on Target’s robotic vacuum assortment, drive sales and increase market share.

the strategy

one hub

We wanted Target to be the place for robotic vacuums...and to do that, it would take a massive effort of targeted communication. We designed a flight of placements to educate people about the breadth of robotic vacuums, while amplifying individual brands as well. To avoid splitting traffic, we collaborated with site merchandisers to update an existing robotics hub. And we designed several versions of creative to take advantage of weekly promotions, last-minute deals and seasonal events.

Our strategy rested on the use of blended media across, Bullseye Marketplace, Facebook and Google Search. Behavioral and contextual targeting helped us reach a variety of guests. Contextual and premium placements on let people know that Target was their robotic vacuum destination. A few affinity segments in the mix let us speak to our electronics and home-furniture browsers. Our external media leveraged curated content channels (pets, business, home…), while our Facebook Carousel units used interest targeting (men’s style, tech...) to reach the right audiences.


seasonal + licensing solutions

the success

  • 191%

    lift in category sales compared with prior year

  • 55%

    lift in online penetration compared to prior year

  • 50%

    of all traffic to the robotics page in Q4 came from TMN media

  • 8.4%

    lift in store sales with guests exposed to media*

  • 2.7%

    lift in online sales with guests exposed to media*

*vs. non-exposed guests

excuse the pun, but we were floored

Here are the numbers we saw: a 55% lift in online penetration compared to the prior year and an 8.4% lift in store sales among guests exposed to media (meaning our online ads were successful in driving in-store traffic). And that existing robotics hub we tweaked? Half of its traffic (50%) in Q4 came from our media plan. Our blended media strategy ultimately yielded a 191% lift in category sales.