cozy up to 60% more brand page visits


bringing it home

Safavieh's gorgeous furniture and home accessories are only available online, and the brand wanted to promote its strong partnership with Target. But, with a limited budget in a traditional "touch and feel" category, how could we establish Target as the brand's 'go-to' online destination?

the goal

get the word out

To boost brand awareness, see more guests on Safavieh brand pages and drive sales. The home furnishings brand also wanted to let everyone know about the comfy Dream collection, a new entry into the mattress category.

the strategy

meet guests where they live

First, to build brand awareness, Target Media Network and Safavieh matched placements with key furniture pages to reach guests right when they had home decorating on their minds. To drive interest in the Dream collection, our message focused on the the unique ability for the mattress to be shipped via UPS in single box, a real convenience for our busy guests. Finally, we used the homepage for maximum impact and turned to Facebook to help share the Safavieh product line at Target with the world.


brand equity

the success

  • 60% increase

    in brand page visits

  • 29% increase

    in product views

  • 12% lift

    in product sales

  • 22% increase

    in the top 5 "Safavieh" search terms

a dream team

Target and Safavieh are a great match. The campaign boosted product views by 29% and saw a 22% increase in the top five most popular "Safavieh" search terms. As a result, sales went up 12%, very impressive for a first-time brand-building effort. Plus, guests paid 60% more style-inspired visits to view the entire Safavieh product line.

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