a brighter 120% lift in both online and in-store sales


a new, sensitive solution

Sensodyne was launching True White, a new toothpaste designed to be less abrasive and provide whiter teeth. Our guests love a good launch, and we were going make sure they got something to smile about.

the goal

make the launch shiny & bright

To drive trial and sales of Sensodyne True White toothpaste.

the strategy

brushing up on key guests

By leveraging internal and external search, our team found the guests already looking for True White and Sensodyne and created a test, gift card vs. coupon offer, to see which pulled more. Then we broke through the clutter using high-impact premium placements on And finally by taking advantage of the robust 3rd party data on Bullseye Marketplace, we were able to reach key sensitive-toothpaste purchasers.


product launch

the success

  • 121% lift

    in online sales

  • 149% lift

    in store pickup sales

  • $1 off

    coupon beat the $5 gift card offer with a 1.5x higher engagement

dazzling numbers

By identifying the key and potential users of the new whitening toothpaste, we were able to lift online and in-store pickup sales by more than 120%. Plus, we learned more about our deal-savvy guests with a great offer—a generous $1 off coupon—that they couldn’t brush off.

save $1 on sensodyne true white toothpaste.