sip by swell

designing a 2.3x lift in views & 2x lift in sales


a premium challenge

By combining thirst-busting water bottles with fashionable colors and cool designs, S’well takes quenching your thirst to another level. But when the company was getting ready to launch S'ip, they needed a partner to take advantage of existing brand buzz to introduce its new line of premium, but moderately priced water bottles.

the goal

make a big splash

Drive awareness and sales (in-store and online) of the new assortment of S'ip water bottles at Target.

the strategy

pour it on

Target guests are known for their love of style and low prices. But adding in exclusive items really hits the spot. We started by finding the guests who were shopping in complementary categories, such as Grocery, Sport & Outdoors, Home and then further focused on those who showed an affinity for wellness items. Prominent placements broke through clutter, offering high creative visibility. Facebook display placements also helped to extend our reach and educate the core guest. And finally, mobile ad messaging gave us a key connection to millennials on-the-go.


product launch

the success

  • 2.3x

    product view lift

  • 3.6x

    add to cart lift

  • 2x

    sales lift

  • 3x

    higher ad engagement

drink in the views & sales lift

Our targeted strategy worked. Guests were immersed into the product launch, viewing items 2.3 more times, adding to their carts 3.6 more times and driving a lift in sales two times higher than guests not exposed to the campaign. We even delivered an engagement rate three times higher than the category benchmark, proving once again that Target guests know how to soak up a great message, a great brand and a great value.