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when good brands meet real people, great things happen

Our guests drop in our store 30 million times per week and 25 million times online—where they mention us over 50,000 times a day. That’s why building a relationship with them is one of the most powerful decisions your brand can make. Let us help you connect with our guests to deliver the right message, at the right moment.

promo amplification

Need to get the word out about your offer or promotion at Target? We’ll help you take Cartwheel, online coupons, gift cards, and other program incentives to an ultimate level—getting your offer front and center with our deal-savvy guests.

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3x more offer adds & 6x higher redemption

By leveraging targeted media to amplify their upcoming Cartwheel offers, we helped Unilever exponentially outperform previous offer adds and redemptions.

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dream clean

cleaning up online—with a 50% sales lift

To capture stock-up trips during seasonal timeframes, we brought together popular household essentials brands to amplify compelling, easy-to-redeem offers.

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 12 days of beauty

nearly 6x average daily sales lift

During the 2015 holidays, we broke through the clutter to drive incremental impulse beauty and personal care purchases for online and store pickup.

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4.8x more product views

By using their limited budget to extend the reach of their promotion with targeted media, we were successful in helping Botanics drive consideration and conversion.

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 Dasani,Good Thins

offer redemptions increased by 570%

By extending the reach of their promotion and targeting our communication to the right audience, we successfully drove trial of both Dasani and Good Thins better-for-you options.

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20% lift in adds to cart

With a new product launching, a large beauty company knew it had an attractive offer. It was up to us to make sure that offer was seen.

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back to college with 750% higher redemption

Shoppers stock up on a variety of items during the back-to-college timeframe, and one CPG company wanted to make sure that gum was one of them.

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household seasonal takeover

22% lift in store sales

When an in-house essentials category at Target needed support, Target Media Network helped to make sure its offers reached audiences across the Target site and beyond.

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seamless shopping

Online? In store? For the guest there’s hardly a line between the two. So we’re here to help your brand drive conversion by consistently creating a seamless guest experience, making it easy for guests to start shopping in one place and finish in another.

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Cold Essentials

cleaning up online—with a 50% sales lift

For items that usually don’t see strong online conversion, we developed an irresistible promo to lift sales across the board during the cold and flu season.

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loyalty marketing

Looking to increase loyalty or regain market share? We can help your brand build custom, exclusive offers on distinctive promotional channels with our loyalty marketing solutions. We’ll also work with you to target your high-value guests, and identify opportunities where you can make an emotional connection with higher-spending, higher-converting guests interested in your brand.


seasonal & licensing occasions

As holiday traffic to our digital properties starts peaking, it’s the most wonderful time of year to give Target Media Network a ring. We’ll help transform your brand products to the must-have gifts of the year, no matter the occasion. Or if you’d like to capitalize on the latest licensing craze, we’ll help you direct guests obsessed with their favorite character directly to your products.

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 star wars

more than 1MM unique visits

A licensing promotion that delivered more than 150% lift in and online and in-store sales—not to mention a huge force of product views to be reckoned with.

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sporting goods

a 90% sales lift

Our collaborative lineup boasted big sales numbers, unique visits and impressions for the sporting goods category during the holidays.

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Super Bowl

48% lift in sales

We brought together an all-pro team to generate a lift in web-influenced store sales, 13.6MM impressions and 31K unique page visits.

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up to 90% more Cartwheel redemptions

We synched media with the movie release and targeted the right guest, increasing awareness and sales of the Secret Life of Pets food products across multiple brands.

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a 30% lift in store sales for Friendsgiving

A new tradition was taking hold. To drive awareness, consideration and sales during this rising cultural moment, many vendors would have to pitch in.

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product launches & exclusives

Target guests are famously hungry for product launches and exclusives found nowhere else. Consider in 2015, when an exclusive version of Adele’s 25 was released exclusively on Target, even those not fans of the megastar were incentivized to give her a spin. The result? The release had the biggest opening-day sales of any album in our history—helping to skyrocket Adele’s brand, and sales, off the charts.

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 hershey. the hersey company

2x lift in web-driven store sales

Delicious messages, sweet targeting and a seasonal program generated higher brand engagement plus a huge lift in web-influenced store sales.

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 inside out

388% lift in online sales

Our phased strategy had Pixar jumping for joy. We exponentially lifted awareness and sales, making this the most pre-ordered title of 2015!

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37% higher than CTR category benchmark

Though only available in 593 Target stores, we tailor made a segment of guests who would go ga-ga over Graco’s new product collection.

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 purell® brand

Drove 132% lift in online sales

We pinpointed guests who were already searching for and interested in natural and organic items, making the new Purell Hand Sanitizer Naturals launch a hands-down success.

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Drove over 120% lift in sales

Sensodyne was looking to drive trial on their new toothpaste brand. But would a GiftCard incite more sales or a strong coupon offer? We tested them both.

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S'ip by S'well

designing a 2.3x lift in views & 2x lift in sales

Stylish, unique, and fun. Three words used to describe our guests as well as the new S'ip by S'well bottles. However, a match this perfect still requires a strategy to get the word out.

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cell phone

11% category pre-order market share

When a wireless provider was launching a new product, we stepped in to help turn interest into massive momentum.

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Pure Leaf

920K unique guests & 34% average sales lift

Unilever was launching a new kind of product. To ensure success, we needed to target just the right guests at just the right time with an exceptional introduction.

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brand equity

Want to tell your brand story on a premium network? Your solution is the Target guest—and our brand equity solutions. We’ll help you carefully build a custom program to uniquely engage with specific Target guests and transform their passion into your most loyal customers.

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11x increase in adds to cart

By introducing a birth-through-potty-training solution, we helped Pampers communicate brand benefits, increase product views and adds to cart.

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Increased product views by 42%

Pixi gave Target guests flawless how-to tips. We gave Pixi impeccable brand awareness and sales by giving them access to our exclusive guest data.

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60% more brand page visits

We helped transform the Safavieh brand into an online, go-to destination for furniture and home accessories at Target.

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grocery influence integration

30M+ impressions. 45% higher redemption.

A large CPG partner wanted to pour a little inspiration into every cup with its popular creamer brand and knew that Target Media Network could help them get it done.

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category initiatives

Every industry has its challenges. Leveraging our guest insights, we’ll help you craft a program that knocks down the roadblocks unique to your category, to meet your metric for success.

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office supplies

50% improvement in sales YOY

With a strategically-aligned category approach, we increased Target office supply sales at double the industry rate and improved by 50% YOY.

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Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ

49% lift in store sales

New Year’s is the peak period for people trying to quit smoking. After that, it’s tough times for smoking cessation sales. With our help, GSK was on a mission to communicate a whole new time to quit.

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yogurt category

46% sales lift & 159% Cartwheel redemption

We helped get the word out about the many kinds of yogurt at Target—and delivered 65M impressions in the process.

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robotics floor care

191% lift in category sales

We helped the merchant team establish Target as the premier destination for robotic vacuums, resulting in a lift in category sales and market share.

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