Sporting Goods

playing nice pays off (with a 90% sales lift!)


secondary categories needed an edge

Several key fitness and sports brands with small budgets and a lack of marketing support were looking to keep up with the big categories during the holiday season. They had great products but lacked the resources to command the reach they needed.

the goal

build a strong team

To identify the right brands to partner with and help them collectively reach millions of new customers while driving sales for the sporting goods category.

the strategy

go on the offensive

Target Media Network helped the smaller brands team up and pool funding. Across key devices and channels, we had them cover all the bases—reaching guests with kids and those engaged in the toys and sporting goods categories. We met guests where they were, with a multichannel approach that included banner ads, Facebook ads, text search ads and placements on partner sites across Bullseye Marketplace.


seasonal + licensing occasions

the success

  • 321 million


  • 200% lift

    in product views

  • 90% average lift

    in web-influenced store sales

better together for the win!

Partnering with Target Media Network was a game changer. Our collaborative lineup won 321 million impressions during the competitive holiday season and saw a healthy 200% boost in product views. The final score? A 90% average lift in web-influenced store sales.