Star Wars

the force awakened 1MM guests—and a 150% lift in sales


living up to the hype

Star Wars wanted to make the premiere of The Force Awakens the most powerful yet. But, with such a storied franchise, the stakes were high. So Star Wars turned to Target to identify the most highly engaged audience in the market and drive sales.

the goal

build the buzz

To get guests amped for the September release of "The Force Awakens". Plus, keep awareness high through the holiday season with an eye on capturing market share for in-store Stars Wars licensed merchandise.

the strategy

the campaign strikes back

Target Media Network planned a one-two campaign punch:

Promote the midnight movie release

We teamed up with Star Wars and created a unique midnight opening at select stores in early September and promoted it heavily via mobile. Thanks to 1st party data, we were sure to reach the right fan base—such as those who showed previous interest in Star Wars and other licensed products, as well as families with teens/tweens.

Keep the force alive through the holiday

Our intensive five-week holiday lead-up campaign leveraged both contextual placement and affinity targeting as a retargeting tool to be sure our message would land. We also went big with eye-catching Star Wars leaderboards on And in mobile, we featured a fun Star Wars–themed product in the app.


seasonal + licensing occasions

the success

  • 169% lift

    in product views

  • 153% lift

    in online sales

  • 186% lift

    in store sales

  • More than 1 million

    unique guests

blast off!

The dual-engined campaign really powered through. The Star Wars experience on welcomed more than one million unique visitors. And they came in force—increasing product views by 169%, boosting online sales by 153% and delivering an out-of-this-world 186% lift in store sales.

star wars a galaxy of gifts awaits.